What is Parafango?
Parafango is a mixture, imported from Spain, of Volcanic Sea Mud and Paraffin. The Sea Mud is rich in minerals, and causes pore dilation and perspiration with a calming and analgesic effect. It helps eliminate toxins with an in-depth purification. Its great power of heat retention stimulates the blood circulation and revitalizes the skin. The Paraffin optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients used for deep, long-lasting effects. The paraffin helps the product sustain a gradually released fusing heat and can retain application temperature for up to an hour and a half. The Parafango stimulates the lymphatic flow on our body to draw out toxins from around the fat cells. The wrapping technique compresses the skin and compacts the soft fatty tissue making it more firm and tight.

What can a Parafango Wrap do for you?

dramatically reduces cellulite
- detoxifies and tones tissues
- trims inches off the body
- reduces water retention
- softens stretch marks
- increases energy
- relieves joint pain and muscle soreness
- promotes circulation
This treatment is a very calming, relaxing spa, resulting in several benefits, to include inch loss, cellulite reduction, tightening of the skin, reduction in dimpling, deep relaxation, skin rejuvenation, actual weight loss, and stretch mark reduction! Also, it will be really good to add on after the massage. 


PARAFANGO Treatment:
Entire Body $149 Packages of 6 for $839
Mid-Section & Upper Thighs $119 Packages of 6 $659
Both Leg &Hips $99 Packages of 6 $549
Both Arms $59 Packages of 6 $319
Whole Back $49 Packages of 6 $259

This treatment is FDA approved for permanent fat loss, when completing (6) treatments.  However, through experience, we’ve seen that this treatment, when preceded by the Cellulite Abatement treatment, yields much faster results!  The manipulation of fat, that the Cellulite Abatement affords, coupled with the effects of the Parafango Mud treatment, produces dramatic results!  

Begin with an application of Creamfoliant (exfoliating cream gel with crushed apricot seeds) to stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin. Next, an application of a serum to the target area. You choose whether you are targeting inch loss or cellulite reduction (Aminodren for inch loss and Aminocel for cellulite reduction). Then we paint the warm parafango mixture on your body, from just above your knees to just below your chest, using a soft, dry brush. You will simply relax for 10-20 minutes depending how your body can stay.
On the day of your treatment, please do not apply lotion, do not eat fried foods prior to, or immediately after, your treatment, and drink a minimum of 126 ounces of water, throughout the day. For best results, drink at a minimum, 80 ounces prior to your treatment.