Thai Herbal Body Scrub 

This aromatic blend of fourteen Thai herbs including mali blossom, honey, milk, Turmeric, Plai (ginger family) and tamarind.  It rich in Vitamin C and is excellent in removing dead skin cells. Also, it will help skin-healing and detoxifying properties. It not only eliminates free radicals, but also helps reactivating dying skin cells and improves the condition of upper layer skin.


Pure Body Masque 1hr $79

Green Tea  Masque – Rejuvenating & Smoothing

You couldn’t find a more exceptional ingredient than Green tea. This is one of nature’s miracles and one of the best natural anti-oxidants. Their large volumes of polyphenols are ideal for skin care. Its astringent, smoothing and toning effects are perfect for any skin type.

Basic Detoxifying Masque

The goal of detox wraps is to draw out excess fluids located in the interstitial spaces of the body, which are areas that are in between cells. This process is supposed to release toxins.The result–you get a good dose of vitamins and minerals, sweat out toxins, and lose a few inches of water weight in the process. Detox wraps are also firming treatments, and they can leave skin looking clear and healthy.

Add on Dead Sea Mud $15

Dead Sea is a mineral-rich mud body treatment to improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, and over time even reduce cellulite. The treatment improves circulation, detoxifies the skin, and nourishes your cells with essential minerals. It’s also full of other health benefits.